Adelaide Event Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

07/08/2018 @ 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Adelaide Event – Raising the Bar

Tuesday August 7th from 6.30pm

What is Raising the Bar?

Raising the Bar is a worldwide initiative aimed at making education a part of a city’s popular culture. The movement creates one of a kind, knowledge driven events in unusual locations. The goal is to raise the bar on the content people consume in their everyday lives. For the first time, driven by the Norwood Payneham council, Raising the Bar will be launched as part of Adelaide event calendar.

The Colonist welcomes everyone to join for the first Adelaide event Raising the Bar session on Tuesday August 7th. This Adelaide events which feature two incredible professors as they speak on two very interesting topics in different speciality category.

Come along to this Adelaide event for a drink, meal and Raising the Bar on the content you consume in that week:

  • Happy Hour 5-6pm with $1.50 off pints of beer
  • $10 premium gin selections with Fever Tree mixer
  • Dinner available from 5.30pm, with bar snacks and pub staples available all day

Adelaide Event – Raising the Bar program

6.30pm: Professor Michelle Baddley, Director and Research Professor, Institute for Choice (I4C), UniSA and Honorary Professor, University College London

Topic: Copycats and Contrarians: Why We Follow Others, and When We Don’t

Category: Psychology

Our everyday lives are dominated by interplays between Copycats and Contrarians. Crowds at public weddings and funerals, tumbling stock markets, the denigration of experts, political tribalism and the spread of religious fundamentalism: all are driven by the same basic instincts to herd, to follow, and to imitate others – instincts we share with a surprisingly wide range of animal species. Drawing on diverse insights from economics, psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology, Michelle will explore when, how and why we follow others – and the implications of our herding instincts for our social-media-dominated modern lives.

8.30pm: Professor Marianna Sigala, Professor and Director, Centre for Tourism & Leisure Management (CTLM), UniSA

Topic: Humus ‘selfie-gaze’: how social media transforms our holiday experiences

Category: Technology

Social media and mobile phone usage have penetrated our daily professional and personal life. We also frequently spill over this technology use when planning and being on holidays. But how this spill over technology effect influence where we spend our holidays, what we see and how we behave while being on a destination?
On the one hand, research shows that social media can: inspire us where to go and what to see; assist us on booking last minute or while traveling; get access to good prices and offers; and help us stay in touch with family, friends and work. On the other hand, findings also show that social media usage cuts people off from their holiday companions and context, which they only see and experience through their mobile cameras and social media discussions. Overall, apart from a travel memory, the social media has converted personal photography to a significant source of travel inspiration and the most popular way of online communication, self-expression and identity formation. This is particularly true for the selfie gaze tourists, who are mainly motivated to ‘consume’ destinations based on the ‘idealised holiday experiences’ being ‘artificially’ co-created and promoted on social media. In the quest of self-promotion, selfie gaze tourists also gain holiday satisfaction based on managing impressions and collecting ‘likes’.
This talk explains the positive and the negative impacts of the universal penetration of mobile social on our holiday and leisure experiences. To avoid the social media ‘bounded solidarity’ and conspicuous consumption, the talk suggests that we need to be taught how to mindfully use the social media since the early stages of our life.

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